Diamonds Story

Diamonds are a sought-after commodity for their beauty, rarity, and symbolic value of eternal love. They have been used throughout history for various purposes, such as adorning jewelry, forming a valuable currency, and breaking metals. They continue to captivate people around the world with their natural beauty and allure.

India: The Birthplace of Diamond

In the 4th century BC, India discovered diamonds. Indians believed that lightning strikes created diamonds and imbued the wearer with supernatural power, strength, and courage. This belief made diamonds a symbol of wealth and power.

India was the original source of diamonds, but now you can find them in Brazil, South Africa, and Australia. During the 16th century, the diamond cutting industry began to flourish, making it possible to cut and shape diamonds into desired shapes, sizes, and cuts, although the process was slow and laborious.

The 4Cs: A System for Evaluating Diamonds Quality

In the 18th century, Brazil and South Africa discovered new diamond mines, thereby expanding the diamond market and making diamonds more accessible to the public. Consequently, this led to an increase in their popularity. Additionally, experts use the “4Cs,” which include color, clarity, cut, and carat weight, to determine the quality of diamonds.

The diamond industry has evolved and become a popular choice for various products, including jewelry and engagement rings. Diamond also serve as valuable currency. Moreover, industries and scientists utilize them in applications such as drill bits and saw blades.

The diamond industry attracts controversy due to the fact that miners extract many diamonds in conflict zones and then sell them on the black market to fund criminal activities and violence. However, diamonds are still highly sought after for their beauty and rarity, symbolizing love, wealth, and power. Although the future of the diamond industry may change, diamonds will likely continue to be alluring.

Diamonds Reflection and Beauty: Kharis

The founders of Kharis Jewellery were entrepreneurs who aimed to establish a diamond company with a focus on sustainability, ethics, and transparency. They ensured that they sourced the diamonds from mines that met ethical and environmental standards and worked with local communities to ensure responsible mining practices.

The brand takes its name from the concept of “Three Beauties” in polytheistic religions, which is the belief of the ancient period, and has chosen the word Kharis, meaning shine, sparkle, and beauty, as its brand. Kharis Jewellery has flawlessly served many customers with this word, which is the exact equivalent of diamond.

Innovation and Customer Relationships

Kharis Jewellery innovates in every aspect of their business, using the latest technology and combining past experiences with their works. They prioritize building strong relationships with customers and have a loyal following who appreciate their sustainability, ethics, and quality.

Kharis Jewellery has gained recognition for its attention to detail and craftsmanship. The team creates each piece uniquely, resulting in a vast range of styles and designs that are suitable for everyone. They are always ready to assist customers in finding the perfect piece. Kharis Jewellery aspires to become a guiding brand for everyone who loves jewelry and leave its mark in the history of diamonds.



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